Social Housing Finance Corporation
Processing of requirements for release of titles by the regional offices
Centralization of filing of capital gain tax exemption with the Bureau of Internal Revenue for CMP projects
Memorandum (Deadline of Applications for CMP Express Lane for Typhoon "Sendong)
No. 001 (Imposition of cost recovery fees and charges)
No. 002 (Creation of price negotiation committee within the CA)
No. 003 (Collection efficiency rating and other performance indicators)
No. 004 (Reduction of maximum allowable equity)
No. 005 (Grounds for the cancellation and suspension of collection agreement)
No. 006 (Policy guidelines strengthening the implementation of the CMP)
No. 007 (Requirement of CA board resolution prior to release of title )
No. 008 (Payment of documentary stamp tax and assessments necessary for the transfer of title to the CA)
No. 009 (Loan ceiling for CMP projects by new originators)
No. 010 (Amortization Payments in Pendente Lite)
No. 011 (Abstract of Collection)
No. 012 (Unposted payments to the MB's ledgers (Hanging Accounts))
No. 013 (Amendment to the corporate implementing rules and regulations (CIR) on R.A 9507)
No. 014 (Three months moratorium on loan payments of victims of typhoons Ondoy & Pepeng )
No. 015 (Revised guidelines on warranty undertaking)
No. 016 (Collection and payment of monthly amortizations of CMP Loans)
No. 017 (CMP Implementing Guidelines for On-Site Land Acquisition Projects)
Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) (Revised CMP Implementing Guidelines for On-Site Land Acquisition Projects)
No. 018 (Revised CMP Implementing Guidelines for Off-Site projects of the Community Mortgage Program)
No. 019 (Adjustments in Loan Entitlement Ceilings for the Community Mortgage Program)
No. 020 (Guidelines for the advance payment of estate tax and other expense in cases of extrajudicial settlement of estate of deceased landowners)
No. 021 (Guidelines for the accreditation of CMP Mobilizers (CMP-M)
No. 022 (CMP Express lane for victims of eviction, demolition and disaster and those threatened therewith)
No. 023 (Standard format for CMP masterlist of beneficiaries with loan apportionment (MBLA))
No. 024 (Modes of payment for the purchase of land under SHFC Housing Programs)
No. 025 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of the guidelines for the Accreditation CMP Mobilizers (CMP-M))
No. 026 (High Density Project Guidelines)
No. 027 (Guidelines of the one year updating scheme under RA9507)
No. 028 (Release of loan for Off-Site Projects)
No. 029 (Guidelines for advance payment of transfer expenses for the account of landowner)
No. 030 (Increase in CMP loan entitlement amounts)
No. 031 (Implementing Guidelines for site development loan and house construction loan)
No. 032 (Loan Release with Accomodation Mortgage)
No. 033 (Implementing Rules and Regulations (Corporate Circular CMP No. 12-021 and Corporate Circular HDH No. 14-004): Jurisdiction and Procedures for Imposing of 
   Sanctions for Offenses Committed by CMP-Mobilizers (CMP-Ms) and Civil Society Organization (CSO) Partners)
No. 034 (Amendment to SHFC Corporate Circulars No. 13-022, Series of 2013 (CMP Express Lane Guidelines)
No. 035 (Amendment to the Community Mortgage Program (CMP) Off-Site Guidelines)
No. 036 (Addendum to SHFC Corporate Circular No. 15-035 (Amendments to off-site guidelines))
No. 037 (Revision on the weights of deferred documents for the release of guaranty under the CMP Express Lane)
No. 038 (Amendment on the release of service fee to the CMP Mobilizers (CMP-M's) and civil society organization (CSO's)
No. 039 (Documentary Stamp Tax on Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) Coverage)
No. 040 (All CMP Borrowers and Mobilizers Applicability of Service Fee to the CMP Mobilizers (CMP-M's) and Civil Society Organization (CSO's) Partners)
No. 041 (Guidelines on the Implementation of Accomodation Mortgage and Usufruct for CMP Projects)
No. 042 (Additional Guidelines for the Implementation of Accomodation Mortgage for CMP Onsite Projects)
No. 043 (Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Mortgage Program (CMP) and High Density Housing Program (HDHP) as Mode of Compliance for the Balanced    
                 Housing Development Requirement under Section 18 of the Urban Development Housing Act (UDHA) of 1992)
No. 044 (Revised Checklist Of Requirements For CMP Site Development And House Construction (Phases 2 And 3) Loans)
No. 045 (Revised Checklist Of Requirements For CMP Acquisition (Phase 1) Loan)
No. 046 (Amendments To The Guidelines On Substitution Of Member Beneficiaries)
No. 047 (Double Availment of Housing Programs)

No. 001 (Implementing Guidelines for the Localized Community Mortageg Program)
No. 002 (Amended Implementing Guidelines for the Localized Community Mortgage Program (LCMP))
No. 003 (Inclusion of Barangays as LGU- Partners under the Localized Community Mortage Program (LCMP))
No. 004 (Supplement to the "Amended Implementing Guidelines for the Localized Community Mortgage Program")


No. 14-001  (Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) for High Density Housing (HDH) Program Land Acquisition Loan)
No. 14-002  (Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) forBuilding construction and site development loans for High Density  Housing (HDH) Programs)

No. 14-003  (Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs)on refinancing of LGU housing progjects under the High Density  Housing (HDH) Program)
No. 14-004  (Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) forAccreditation of SHFC Civil Society Organization (CSO) for the  High Density Housing (HDH) Program)
No. 14-005  (Acquisition of property bg SHFC and USUFRUCT under the High Density Program)
No. 15-006  (Period for completion and submission of lease/purchase agreements under the High Density Housing Program)
No. 15-007  (Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) on Subsidy for High Density Housing (HDH) Projects)
No. 15-008  (Effectivity of Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI)/Fire amd Allied Perils Insurance (FAPI) Coverage)
No. 16-009  (Amendment to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRRs) on Refinancing of LGU Housing Projects under the High Density Housing (HDH) Program)
No. 16-010  (Revisions On High-Density Housing (Hdhp) Program Guidelines On: 1) Cost Ceilings For The Construction Of Different Building Types, 2) Usufruct Arrangement 3)
                       Service Fees For The Land Acquisition And Project Development Phase (Phase I) And 4) Realty Tax)
No. 16-011  Amendment to Section 12 (re: Performance Bond) of Corporate Circular No. 14-002 Series of 2014 entitled Implementing
                       Rules and Regulations (IRRs) for Building Construction and Site Development Loans for High Density Housing (HDH) Program
No. 16-012  Guidelines For Release Of Service Fees To Civil Society Organizations (Cso) In The Site Development And Building Construction Phase Of High Density Housing Projects


No. 001 (Guidelines on the Community Mortgage Program)
No. 002 (Financing for site development under the CMP)
No. 003 (Loan valuation for on-site projects under the CMP)
No. 004 (Additional qualified borrowers)
No. 005 (Policy changes in the CMP)
No. 006 (Liberalization of the bonding requirements for authorized collecting representative)
No. 007 (Revision of origination fee)
No. 008 (Burned original land titles)
No. 009 (Submission of lease-purchase agreements)
No. 010 (Road right-of-way under the CMP)
No. 011 (Additional guidelines for site develop loan under the CMP)
No. 012 (Demand letters and substitution)
No. 013 (Individualization of community title and community loan)
No. 014 (Substitution of Beneficiaries)
No. 015 (Amendment to increase loan limit for lot acquisition)
No. 016 (Amendment to Corporate Circular No CMP-001)
No. 017 (Originators, CAs/cooperatives and member-beneficiaries of the CMP)
No. 018 (Consolidated implementing guidelines for the CMP)
No. 019 (Deferment of the 5% loan processing fee)
No. 020 (Amendments to Corp Circular No CMP-018)
No. 021 (Adoption of express lane facility for take-out of CMP projects)
No. 022 (Amplification of policy on road right of way)
No. 023 (Revised guidelines for CMP of-site projects)
No. 024 (Substitution processing fee)
No. 025 (Amendments to collection and servicing of the loan under Corp Circular No CMP-018)
No. 026 (Revisions to CMP Guidelines)
No. 027 (Simplification and reduction of CMP documents)
No. 028 (Further reduction of CMP documents)
No. 029 (Performance home warranty program for the CMP)
No. 030 (Policy changes and modifications in the CMP)
No. 031 (Amendments on the CMP loan and mortgage documentary forms and procedures)
No. 032 (Implementation of direct mortgage scheme in lieu of transfer of title to NHMFC)
No. 033 (Recall of CMP Circular No 031 and adoption of amended documents to effect the direct mortgage scheme under CMP
No. 034 (Revised format for masterlist of beneficiaries and loan apportionment)

No. 13 (Abot Kaya Pabahay Fund developmental financing guidelines)


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