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Active Mobilizers

Get to know our active mobilizers who work with ISF communities in organizing themselves into Community Associations (CA) and make sure that they are ready and able to assume the responsibilities of availing a CMP loan.
Appraisal of CMP Project

Find out how much is the value of a specific property under the CMP. Navigate the list of projects that have already undergone appraisal. This also includes a Search tool to help you find a particular project without going through the entire listing.
CMP and HDH Performance

In line with our vision of assisting 530,000 ISFs by 2022, we continue to monitor our milestones each year. Our achievements articulate our goal of providing shelter security to more and more underprivileged communities as the years go by.
Collection Efficiency Rating

Our success as a provider of Flexible, Affordable, Innovative, and Responsive (FAIR) shelter solutions is also measured by how efficient we are able to recover mortgage payments. This allows us to assist more communities to secure their own homes.
Accredited Builders

Check the updated list of our accredited builders who have the capacity to undertake a community-driven housing project. 
Pipeline and Taken Out Projects

Learn more about our projects in the pipeline by area, our projected number of ISFs to be assisted, and the equivalent loan amounts to move these projects. Links are provided to see a detailed list of project locations, landowner, etc. A list of taken out projects for the previous years is also posted here.