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The effects of climate change to poor communities was one of the issues highlighted in the recently concluded Social Housing Finance Corporation’s (SHFC) multi-stakeholder forum for Cagayan de Oro City partners held at the Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan in line with the 28th anniversary of SHFC’s Community Mortgage Program (CMP).

United Nations (UN-Habitat) disaster-risk reduction (DRR) specialist Warren Ubongen said in his presentation that poor communities are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to the conditions of their living spaces, which are mostly located near the identified danger zones, and lack of adequate knowledge, training, and physical and social preparation.

“The government offers a lot of options for communities to prepare for climate change. CMP, for instance has a community upgrading loan package. We should prepare now, than be sorry when disaster strikes,” Ubongen said.

Citywide community upgrading strategy - one of the strategies identified to mitigate climate change and address other current housing issues was also highlighted in the forum. The citywide strategy advocates a
more proactive and programmatic delivery of housing solutions that entail mapping all the informal settler families (ISFs) in the city, developing a citywide shelter development plan, and systematically allocating resources to prioritized informal settlements.
SHFC President Ma. Ana Oliveros said that housing is a problem that has implications on urban development, hence, the need for a citywide strategy.

“Housing is not a stand-alone issue. We should integrate it with the factors of urbanization because it is also a tool in poverty alleviation. We should look at the poor in the center of development,” Oliveros stressed.

Cagayan de Oro City’s local shelter plan was also presented during the activity to generate inputs from the academe, non-government organizations, national government agencies, and community associations on how to foster multi-sectoral collaboration and participation in the entire housing process.
28 YEARS OF CMP. 37 member beneficiaries of Social Housing Finance Corporation’s (SHFC) Community Mortgage Program (CMP) receive their land titles during a multi-stakeholder housing forum held in Cagayan de Oro City, in line with CMP’s 28th anniversary celebration.
28 YEARS OF CMP. A similar forum was also held in Quezon City wherein 27 CMP beneficiaries receive their land titles. 

64 land titles awarded to CMP beneficiaries

One of the highlights of the event was the awarding of land titles to 37 CMP beneficiaries who have completed the payment of their monthly amortization. Four organizations also received their service fees for mobilizing various CMP projects in Cagayan de Oro.

A similar forum was held for Quezon City partners wherein 27 CMP beneficiaries were also awarded their own land titles. 
CMP has assisted more than 300,000 ISFs and granted more than P15B worth of loans since its inception in 1988.