When Jonathan Biliran got laid off from his job in a logistics company, he made the wise decision to use his separation pay to formalize his membership and settle his dues in Doņa Mercedes Phase 2 Homeowners Association, Inc. In 2005, a year after the project was taken-out, he made another important decision-he married the love of his life, who happened to be his neighbor, Zeal.

Despite the difficulties of living in a community without water and electricity, the couple survived nights and days with the help of a constantly recharged car battery. No doubt it was during those cold dark nights that they conceived their firstborn. Times were tough in the first few years of stay in the community, forcing them to skip payments of their monthly amortization amounting to P425. When they had the chance to fully pay their accounts in 2013, they did not waste time heading off to SHFC Davao Office to remit their payment.

For Jonathan, CMP is not simply about housing finance; he realized that more importantly, it is about growing and building a sustainable community. As the couple shared the story of how deeply their roots have grown in Doņa Mercedes Phase 2, they now look with pride at their now 13-year-old son who is a living proof of their journey in love and life in the community.
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Jonathan and Zeal were among the 27 partner-homeowners who received their respective transfer certificate of title from SHFC in a ceremony held on March 2, 2019 in Barangay Panacan, Davao City. The awarding was led by Atty. Ronaldo Saco, OIC-Vice President for Mindanao Operations, and Barangay Chairman Doce Apostol. Doņa Mercedes Phase 2 is composed of 184 partner-homeowners and is currently headed by Mr. Barry Akut.

As Jonathan and Zeal received their much-anticipated titles, the couple became the manifestation that there is forever, not just in love, but also in land tenure through CMP.