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Historical Background
20 January 2004 - Signing of Executive Order 272 authorizing the creation of SHFC
21 June 2005 - Approval of SHFC registration to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
03 October 2005 - Appointment of Atty. Fermin T. Arzaga as the new SHFC President
24 October 2005 - SHFC Inauguration and First Board Meeting
03 November 2005 - Execution of Memorandum and Trust Agreements between NHMFC and SHFC
22 January 2007 - Transfer of SHFC to its corporate office at the Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City
27 July 2007 - Creation of the Localized Community Mortgage Program (LCMP)
25 January 2011 - Appointment of Ms. Ma. Ana R. Oliveros as the new SHFC President
16 May 2011 - Approval of the Revised CMP Guidelines
17 May 2011 - Awarding of the first taken-out project under the LCMP (Sunrise HOA, IGACOS)

The Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) was created through Executive Order No. 272 (E.O.272), which directs the transfer of the Community Mortgage
Program (CMP), Abot Kaya Pabahay Fund (AKPF) Program, and other social housing powers and functions of the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation to
the SHFC.

Under E.O. 272, the SHFC shall be the lead government agency to undertake social housing programs that will cater to the formal and informal sectors in the low-
income bracket and shall take charge of developing and administering social housing program schemes, particularly the CMP and the AKPF Program (amortization
support program and development financing program).

Our Vision
By 2022, SHFC shall have provided 530,000 organized homeless and low-income families with Flexible, Affordable, Innovative, and Responsive (FAIR) shelter
solutions to their housing needs.

Our Mission
We empower and uplift the living conditions of underprivileged communities by Building Adequate Livable Affordable and Inclusive (BALAI) Filipino Communities
through provision of FAIR shelter solutions in strong partnerships with the national and local government, as well as the civil society organizations and the private
sector to support the underprivileged communities.

Our Core Values

Servant Leadership
Institutionalizing a culture of leadership that recognizes the role of government employees as public servants

Promoting the highest standards for individual and corporate performance

Setting and implementing performance standards that are clear and understandable to the public

Keeping high ethical standards at the corporate and individual level

Putting premium to sustainability and the judicious and proper use of internal resources

Upholding the virtue of excellence in every activity
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