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To address the growing challenge of providing sustainable community housing for the poor, Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) has formalized its partnership with Xavier University (XU) through a Memorandum of Understanding recently signed by both parties in Cagayan de Oro City (CDO).
The event was attended by SHFC President Ma. Ana Oliveros, Vice President for Visayas and Mindanao Atty. Rosalie Taguian, XU President Fr. Roberto Yap, and representatives from the local government of CDO.
The SHFC-XU partnership will ensure multi-sectoral collaboration in addressing the challenge of homelessness in CDO, especially in providing affordable housing solutions for families that were affected by typhoon Sendong in 2011. It will also provide for strategic solutions in implementing participatory and pro-poor housing programs.

SHFC’s Taguian said that the partnership is based on the agencies’ belief of enjoining all the involved sectors and putting the community into the center of any housing project to achieve empowerment and sustainability.
“This partnership is meant to provide an avenue where all stakeholders are given a role and a chance to be heard to contribute to the decision-making process of the housing program,” Taguian added.

Meanwhile, XU’s Yap said that through this partnership, they can ensure students’ immersion with poor and marginalized communities in order for them to realize that “their expertise should really be applied in the service of others.”
XU has committed to extend its resources and expertise in community organization, climate change resilience, disaster risk reduction and management, financial literacy, business development, and other areas that are needed by the informal settler communities in building sustainable communities for themselves. XU will also provide assistance for SHFC’s development of sustainable community frameworks and strategies.
Prior to this partnership, XU has already supported SHFC on its housing initiatives. Xavier Ecoville, a XU-supported community built through multi-stakeholder partnership was used during SHFC’s previous learning exchange activities.

SHFC will continue to forge partnerships with several stakeholders in the interest of empowering informal settler communities by providing resilient and affordable housing solutions towards their sustainability.
MULTI-SECTORAL COLLABORATION. Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) and Xavier University are now partners in providing affordable and sustainable housing solutions for informal settler communities. The signing of the MOU was led by SHFC President Ma. Ana Oliveros and XU President Fr. Roberto Yap in Cagayan de Oro City.