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HOUSING INNOVATION. Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) officials and representatives from various non-government organizations and local government unit grace the groundbreaking ceremony of SHFC’s pilot project for a culturally-sensitive housing finance program in Zamboanga City. The housing program, which will benefit 105 informal settler families (ISFs), has been
The 1.6-hectare housing project located in Mampang, Zamboanga City will benefit 105 informal settler families (ISFs) belonging to Multi-tribal Phase 1 Homeowner’s Association (MTHOA). The total loan amount for the acquisition of the property costs P10.43M will be entered under a usufruct agreement, wherein SHFC will pay the landowner in behalf of MTHOA. Two years after, MTHOA will start paying their monthly amortization to SHFC.

MTHOA members offered this milestone to their former community leader who died in the course of project application and processing. Said Amil, who now serves as the HOA president can’t hold back his emotions, as he gives his speech during the event.

“It feels great knowing that I was able to continue what my wife has started. We have a lot more things to do to ensure that what we have started will be sustained,” Amil said.

Other community members said that with this development, they will no longer worry about their tenurial security.
“For us mothers, we desire to have our own lot for our children as much as we wanted them to have adequate food and resources every day. Now this is already happening,” one of the community members said. 

The said housing project is a breakthrough for CMP since some guidelines were modified to respond to the customs and tradition of the Muslims, including the conversion of the 6% annual interest into ijara fee which is equivalent to reward or wages for a work done or rendered. The practice of polygamy, house design, and leadership titles were also taken into consideration in drafting the policy.
MTHOA officers pose with SHFC representatives during the awarding ceremony. Right photo shows the model house of the community, which is Sharia (Islam law) compliant.
Responding to the need for the development of an innovative and culturally-sensitive housing program, various sectors partnered in this endeavor which include Ateneo de Davao University - Al Qalam Institute for Islamic Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia & Engineering Department, ZAMPEN Urban Poor Alliance, Inc., LGU Zamboanga, Western Mindanao State University, and National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (Commissioner Roque Santos Morales & Region IX).

SHFC President Ma. Ana Oliveros said that SHFC will continue to partner with other agencies in order to polish the policies of a culturally-sensitive housing finance that will respond to the needs of Muslims all over the Philippines. She also stressed SHFC’s thrust of providing more efficient services through streamlined processes.

“We will journey together in order to provide more accessible housing for the poor,” Oliveros said. 

Following the lot acquisition phase, MTHOA will undergo processing for the approval of the site development and housing construction loan that will enable the building of their houses.