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On March 14, 2019, Atty. Leo Deocampo, OIC-Senior Vice President for Operations, led the awarding of checks totaling P2 million for the benefit of Kenoon Village Homeowners Association, Inc. in T’boli, South Cotabato. The loan, which is funded under the Community Mortgage Program, will benefit 70 partner-homeowners of Kenoon, which means beautiful in the T’boli language. 

SHFC will allocate a total of P7 million for this Indigenous Peoples (IP) Housing Project, which is intended to improve the living conditions and ensure the well-being of indigenous groups across the country. The initiative is also a testament to the agency’s commitment to providing safe and inclusive housing solutions to underprivileged communities, including those in far-flung areas.

Mayor Dibu Tuan and City Administrator Salvecio Dagang were also present during the ceremony, along with municipal councilors and barangay representatives. The awarding coincided with the celebration of IP Day in T’boli.

As a show of gratitude to SHFC, the T’boli tribe honored Atty. Deocampo in a ceremony wherein he was given a traditional clothing called “Kegal T’boli” as a sign of the tribe’s love for the agency. He was also presented with an “ulew,” a headpiece mainly worn by men and symbolizes acceptance to the tribe.

The final design of the houses is still being discussed by the local council to make sure that it conforms to the cultural standards of the community.

The agency has also rolled out new CMP modalities to ensure provision of sustainable socialized housing in the country. These include Culturally Sensitive CMP, a home financing scheme that accommodates diverse ways of living particularly of Muslims and other IP groups.

Aside from the Kenoon project, SHFC approved a similar IP housing initiative on April 16, 2018 in La Trinidad, Benguet, which benefitted 235 partner-homeowners from the Villa Montanosa HOAI. The beneficiaries are mostly victims of demolition projects in Baguio City and mostly composed of Igorot and Ibaloi ethnic groups.